How Fer Tajani Used Spotlight to Upgrade Her Home Page

A look into how Fer Tajani, the founder of the Mamás Dementes blog, turned to Spotlight to showcase her Instagram account on her blog.
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Mamas Dementes

An Instagram feed is increasingly becoming one of the key ingredients for any website. With more and more bloggers having an active Instagram presence, it only makes sense to include it on their websites.

For starters, it’s a great way to make the most of your Instagram efforts and open up your content to a new channel of readers – your website visitors.

Secondly, it’s the perfect gateway for more Instagram followers.

Fer Tajani, the founder of the Mamás Dementes blog, turned to Spotlight to showcase her Instagram account on her home page.

Here’s a bit more about how she used Spotlight to boost her user engagement.

The story behind Mamás Dementes

Mamas Dementes blog

Ever since Fer’s teenage years, she always wanted to have a big family.

This ideal changed drastically after her first and only pregnancy, when her romantic vision of becoming a mother turned upside down. She started to realize how hard it is on one’s mind and body.

Being diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder from a very young age, her pregnancy and the consequent caring for her baby only increased her anxiety further.

Sleeping badly, not eating well, and not having time for myself or self-care made me feel lonely, depressed, angry, and very guilty.

Fer Tajani

Society’s unrealistic expectations of motherhood sparked an idea in Fer. She wanted to create a safe space where mothers going through the same experience would have a solid community.

Mothering is teamwork and it takes a whole tribe, that’s why I decided to start the community of Mamas Dementes. We talk about our challenges with motherhood and also use humor as a survival mechanism.

Fer Tajani

How Fer used Spotlight to enhance her blog’s homepage

Customer Story - Fer Tajani

With a new website on her hands and a thriving Instagram account, she looked for a solution to display her Instagram feed. While there are other Instagram feed plugins on the market, she ran into a few issues.

Before installing Spotlight I tested an alternative but it was not as user friendly.

Fer Tajani

Fer was now on the lookout for an easy-to-use plugin.

Spotlight passed that test with flying colors. It was very easy to set up the feed on my website’s home page and it works just as advertised.

Fer Tajani

With Spotlight now installed on her website, she created her feed using her own Instagram posts. She opted for the Row layout – one of Spotlight’s pre-designed templates. It integrated seamlessly with her website’s theme. In fact, it worked perfectly right out of the box and she didn’t even need to customize it further.

Finally, she displayed her newly created responsive feed toward the middle of her home page. This also proved to be an easy task with Spotlight:

[It was] as easy as adding a Block to the home page of my site.

Fer Tajani
Mamas Dementes used Spotlight to add an Instagram feed to their homepage
Fer used Spotlight to display her Instagram feed – seen here under “Feed Social”

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Take your blog further with Spotlight

Mamás Dementes‘ mission is to reduce the stigma of mental health, especially for young moms. It also helps them connect with specialized therapists, helping them navigate the waters of motherhood.

Spotlight allowed Fer to share her informative Instagram posts with her website visitors, broadening her reach and helping even more people.

We’re proud to see how our customers use the plugin, especially when it’s used in a way that tackles such important issues. While Fer’s project is still in its infancy, we’re just as excited as she is to see where it will go!

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