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An Instagram link in bio solution to drive traffic from
your Instagram account to posts, products, podcasts and more.


Direct traffic to your website and increase engagement

SEO boost & consistent branding

Directing traffic from your Instagram profile directly to your website will improve your SEO thanks to the increased traffic.

Keep those visitors engaged and your branding consistent by creating a custom link in bio page that’s designed exactly the way you want it to be, from colours to promotional banners.

Drive traffic anywhere you want

With just one link on your Instagram account and your target audience right at your fingertips, send your followers to exactly where you want them to go.

From your latest articles to recent podcast episodes and even WooCommerce products, Spotlight sends your visitors exactly where you want them to go.

Loved by creators and brands

Whether you’re a small creator or a major brand, a link in bio page is a must to make the most of the work you’re doing on your social media channels.

The Elementor social media team moved from a 3rd-party service to Spotlight and they’re doing exactly that with their custom link in bio page built entirely using Elementor.

Advanced analytics

Get detailed insights into how your Instagram posts and link-in-bio feeds are performing, helping you make well-informed adjustments to grow your website and your Instagram.


Spotlight PRO is helping creators all around the world to grow
their businesses online. Here’s a look at some of our happy customers.

Scott DeLuzio from the Drive On Podcast

Scott, Drive On Podcast

The Drive On Podcast is hosted by Scott DeLuzio, an Army veteran who was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. That deployment changed him forever, so he started this podcast to talk about the challenges soldiers face when coming home. His interviews are shared on Instagram, which is where he’s implemented a “link in bio” using Spotlight PRO.

I host a podcast with a growing Instagram following. I had been posting each episode’s cover image to my Instagram feed, and telling followers to click the link in my bio to view the episode.

That meant I had to either link to the home page (not ideal) or update the link each week to point to the episode’s page. I don’t always want to update the link in my Instagram feed, and sometimes I have several posts I want to link to different pages each week.

There are other “link in bio” services out there, but I wanted to direct traffic to my website. When I came across Spotlight, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for! It’s driven traffic to my site consistently each week since I started using it, and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Their support is fantastic too. When I had a problem, they fixed it right away. They have a happy customer in me!

Drive more traffic from Instagram to your website with Spotlight PRO.

Scott uses the “Link in bio” template and the “Promote” features to link each Instagram post to podcast episodes and landing pages on

Thomas Deneuville

Thomas Deneuville is a creativity coach and meditation teacher who shares his knowledge through various channels, including a newsletter and his Instagram account. His bio link page, powered by Spotlight PRO, directs his followers to his latest content, creating a much wider reach.

I had been using the link-in-bio solution that came with my social media scheduler for years, but as I considered canceling my plan with them, I was about to find myself without a way to promote my links on Instagram.

It was time to host my Instagram feed on my WordPress website: Why send folks elsewhere? Spotlight turned out to be the perfect solution for me: powerful and flexible. Within minutes, I had styled my feed to match my brand, and I was up and running.

The team was transparent with their roadmap, and I know that Spotlight will remain the right tool for me for years to come.

Build a bigger community using Instagram and Spotlight PRO.

Thomas uses “Promote” to link to his latest content from his bio link page on

Build your beautiful link in bio page in minutes

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Instagram Feeds Lookbook

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