Putting your Instagram content to work

Embed automated Instagram galleries across your website in less than 7 clicks

create unlimited instagram feeds

Let your imagination run free

Embed your Instagram photos, videos, and reels anywhere on your website in just a few clicks to keep it fresh and vibrant. New! Embed singular posts with our oEmbed feature.

Ask your followers to tag you in their posts and feature them across your website for added social proof.

Run a hashtag campaign and display all or select public posts throughout your site to increase engagement.

Get connected instantly

Safe and secure connection

Your own Instagram account

Connect any Instagram Personal or Business account in a few clicks through a completely secure connection provided by Instagram itself.

Clients' Instagram accounts

Your clients won’t want to share their Instagram login details, so Spotlight includes the option to connect IG accounts using an Access Token. Learn more.

Connect multiple Instagram accounts on your website

Powerful Hashtag feeds and tagged posts

Instant #socialproof in seconds

Embed Instagram hashtag feeds and tagged posts

Launch a hashtag campaign and display your followers’ best posts to create a gallery with user-generated content.

Share photos and videos created by your followers to add social proof and real testimonials to your website.

Ask your followers to tag your Instagram account in their posts for a chance to be featured on your official website. 

Design your perfect Instagram gallery

Fully customizable

Get started with our free templates

It’s incredibly easy to get going. Simply choose one of our professionally designed templates, add your favorite colors, customize the look, and you’re all set. If you’d rather have a go at it yourself, you can create your own design.

More unique layouts and 40+ design options

Unlock the full Spotlight feed customiser and go to town with your design. Make it stand out with the “Highlight” and “Masonry” layouts or opt for the ever-popular “Slider“.

Fully accessible

Every website should be accessible and your Instagram feed is part of that! Spotlight’s embedded Instagram feeds are made to be accessible on all devices. Plus, Spotlight comes with keyboard navigation and image alt tags, making it fully accessible.

Customize your website's Instagram feeds in a few clicks

Caption and hashtag filtering

Automatically filter your preferred posts

Filter your website's Instagram feed

Set up keyword and phrase filters to only show the posts that you want. Add as many filters as you want.

A great way to showcase a hashtag campaign or to show/hide posts that use specific hashtags.

Set up global filters to apply to all your Instagram feeds. Applies for both caption and hashtag filtering.

There’s nothing wrong with being picky

Hand-picked moderation

Show only your preferred posts

Pick and choose the Instagram posts you want to show in each Instagram feed. Whether it’s for your own posts or a public hashtag feed, you choose what to display.

Hide unwanted photos, videos, and reels

Exclude photos, videos, and reels that don’t fit into a specific Instagram feed. Take full control over your galleries.

Moderate your Instagram feed to hand-pick the best posts

Link in bio

Create a custom bio link page

Create an automated Instagram link in bio page with Spotlight

Create a bio link page directly on your website and take full control over your domain, page design, and more.

Use Spotlight’s pre-built “Link in bio” template and add links to your articles, products, podcasts, and more from each Instagram post. 

Take it a step further and automate the entire page by including links in your Instagram post captions. Spotlight automatically detects the links and applies them to the posts that are reproduced on your bio link page.

Shoppable Feed

Where Instagram meets eCommerce

Create a "Shop My Instagram" page

Easily add a page on your website where visitors can shop directly from your Instagram feed.

Whether you’re showcasing your own Instagram posts or those from your followers, the social proof is guaranteed to boost sales and increase conversions.

Link each Instagram post to your WooCommerce products, add affiliate links to products on other sites, or send visitors to your catalogue and let the website do the rest.

Create a shoppable Instagram feed for your website with Spotlight


Actionable insights to optimize your Instagram feeds’ performance


We’re excited to be the first and only Instagram feeds plugin to bring analytics to your WordPress website. Get detailed insights into how your Instagram posts and feeds are performing, helping you make well-informed adjustments to grow your website and your Instagram performance.

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Instagram Feeds Lookbook
Instagram Feeds Lookbook

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