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Automated Instagram feeds

Upload new posts to Instagram and Spotlight updates your website’s gallery automatically. It’s really that simple.

Posting to Instagram is something you know how to do well but updating your website might be another story. With Spotlight, we’ve taken care of that second step for you, whether it’s a gallery page or just a few photos in your sidebar. 

As an added bonus, your Instagram feed will create more engagement on your site and turn site visitors into new Instagram followers!

After fiddling with a couple of other plugin options for Instagram feeds, I installed Spotlight and had it working in seconds. - Dave Von Bieker

Custom gallery designs

Spotlight’s custom template designs are a great way to make your Instagram galleries stand out and to add some unique flair to your website.

From the fun Squircle Grid to the Wave and Portfolio templates, these designs add a little something extra to any website they feature on.

To add even more flare, use Spotlight’s custom CSS option to create your own designs that fit perfectly into whatever page layout you’re creating.

Elevate your visual impact with video content

Spotlight transforms your WordPress site into a visual masterpiece. Our Instagram feed plugin allows you to effortlessly showcase vibrant videos, enriching your visitor’s experience by offering a dynamic view of your Instagram journey.

From captivating mini-clips to longer narratives, Spotlight embraces the power of moving imagery to tell your story. Experience the magic of video integration with Spotlight!

An Instagram Slider to show more posts

The slider layout offers a stylish carousel that sits perfectly right above the footer or anywhere across your pages, full-width or fixed width.

Have the slider move automatically or add arrows to let your site visitors scroll around. Customise it to fit perfectly into any page.

I love this plugin, it works seamlessly and is very easy to use (and I have used a few!) The support team are amazing. - Penelope

Whether you want a simple gallery or a trackable link in bio solution, Spotlight has you covered.

Increase traffic with a "link in bio" page

Instagram doesn’t allow you to add links in your post captions, so the link in your bio is the best way to direct Instagram followers to your website.

Take full control of your bio link page design by simply embedding a Spotlight Instagram feed on any custom page. Link each post to your articles, products, or anywhere else you may want to direct traffic to.

I’ve tried several social media feed plugins over the years, both in enterprise professional and personal settings, and hands-down this is the best one I’ve come across. Superb support, slick, easy interface. All-round great product. - Angela Ollison

Get real testimonials and UGC using hashtag feeds

Showcase a hashtag campaign or any UGC (user-generated content) to instantly add social proof to your website and increase engagement with both your Instagram followers and site visitors.

Ask followers to use your hashtag to be featured on your website. Share Instagram photos with your hashtag as real and powerful testimonials. Make your brand instantly recognisable on social media.

Spotlight helps me to increase the interaction on my Instagram account from my website. I didn’t need to watch 100 tutorials to be able to handle the plugin. - Michael Kihl

Trusted by 60,000+ brands & creators around the world.

Make your website's gallery shoppable

Your Instagram gallery, whether it shows your own photos or a hashtag feed, probably features your products and services quite prominently.

Make the most of the engagement it brings with it to increase conversions from those site visitors who are simply browsing around. Link to your product catalogues, individual products or service pages to generate new leads.

PRO features for eCommerce are killer! The best Instagram feed solution on the market. Great user experience and a speed & reliability focused team. Top marks. - Richard

A natural look with Masonry

The Masonry layout plays beautifully with Instagram accounts that have a more natural feel to their images. Each post will be displayed in full length to really showcase the beauty of your photography.

Many developers can create good plugins, but few can back them with good support! The developers behind this plugin are the few good ones. And the plugin works beautifully too!. - Dean Log

Highlight posts with unique designs, captions, likes & comments

Add some flair with the Highlight layout‘s unique designs. To showcase your social proof, display captions beneath each post or show the full caption and hashtags in the popup lightbox.

Adding like and comment counts under the post captions introduces instant social proof.

Simple decision, if you want Instagram content on your WordPress website, then look no further, Spotlight Instagram Feeds is all you need.

5 Stars
Adam Preiser

I love this plugin. It works seamlessly and is very easy to use (and I have used a few!). The support team are amazing & very quick to reply.

5 Stars
Penelope from DesigningLove

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Instagram Feeds Lookbook

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