Generate Instagram Access Tokens for your public Instagram accounts

Access Token Generator

Generate an Instagram access token for Spotlight Instagram Feeds

Step 1: Generator your access token

  1. Click on “Personal account” or “Business account” below to connect to your Instagram account. Your details are not stored anywhere – more details on this in the note below.
  2. Follow the steps in the popup modal and make sure to provide all listed permissions.
  3. Once connected, you will be shown an Access Token (and a User ID for Business accounts).

Step 2: Connect your Instagram account

  • If you’ve followed step 1 to provide your details to your developer, click on “Copy to clipboard”, paste the details into the email/message you’ll be sending to your developer, and they’ll follow these steps to connect your account.
  • If you’ve generated an access token for your own Instagram account, copy the Access Token and User ID separately and paste them in Spotlight as shown here and below.

Generate Instagram access tokens for Spotlight

If the access token generator fails, please try using the Google Chrome browser.

How to use the Access Token and User ID (for Business only) in Spotlight

Go to Instagram Feeds > Settings > Accounts, then click on “Connect…” button at the top.

The below popup will appear. Enter the access token in the bottom section.

Note: If you have not connected another Instagram account before,
use the access token option in the welcome screen instead.

Got questions? Contact support.

Note: Spotlight does not store any of the details provided on this page in any way whatsoever. This is only a tool to generate access tokens and authorize Spotlight’s connection through the plugin on your website. Spotlight is a Facebook and Instagram approved app, so the connection made here is secure and uses Facebook and Instagram’s official API. Only share your Access Token and User ID with people you trust.

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