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Dead simple Instagram feed plugin. The free version let me pull in my Instagram feed and publish it with a lot of different styling options. Would happily use it for more sites. - Kevin Ohashi, Review Signal

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WordPress + Instagram = ❤️

Your photos and videos are designed to grab people’s attention as they scroll through Instagram. It’s time you also put them to work for your website.

Keep it fresh and vibrant

Use your existing Instagram content to add more imagery and life to your website with no additional effort.

Add social proof

Showcase your likes and comments and share user-generated content to add authenticity and credibility.

Gain new followers

Channel your website traffic to Instagram and convert them into followers to get more engagement.

Keep it fresh and vibrant

Use your existing Instagram content to add more imagery to your website and give it more life.

Add social proof

Show off your likes and comments, and share user-generated content to add authenticity and credibility.

Gain new followers

Channel your website traffic to Instagram and entice them to socialize and connect with you.

Spotlight is simple and effective.

Testimonials →

Testimonials  ↓

Straightforward and neat plugin [...] It is very useful in leading new traffic from my website onto Instagram.

Andrew from Mirror Friendly

Easy to install, looks great on my site, and has already got me some new Instagram followers. Thanks guys.

George from Nothern Ireland Running

Get started for free

Connect your Instagram account, design a beautiful feed, embed it in seconds.

Live preview customizer

Dead simple to design

No coding skills required. With straightforward design options and a live interactive preview, Spotlight makes it fun and easy to set up any amount of feeds.

Layout options

Make it match your style

Use the stylish and fully customizable Grid layout to make your Instagram feed shine anywhere on your website. Customize the colors and size to match your theme.

“Follow” button

Grow your following

Add a “Follow” button to the top or bottom of your feed and convert ordinary website visitors into Instagram followers with just one click.

Fully responsive

Adapt to all devices

Your Instagram feed will look great on any device. Design options can even be set individually for desktops, tablets, and phones to make sure it’s just the way you want it.

Dynamic Loading

As fast as can be

Built using the same technologies as Netflix and Instagram, we avoid iFrames and other hacks. Dynamic loading is applied to make sure your page-loading times before and after installation are practically the same.

Clever Caching

Never a blank feed

Instagram may sometimes be unavailable. Spotlight uses its own clever caching system to make sure your feeds are always backed up and visible to site visitors, even when there are issues out of our control.

Get started with Spotlight free

Upgrade to Spotlight PRO

Create feeds with specific hashtags from all across Instagram or posts that you’re tagged in, show your stories, get access to more stylish layouts, and filter or moderate only the posts you want to show.

PRO Filtering & moderation

Show only the best

Only show the posts you want visitors to see by setting caption and hashtag filters. Need more say on the matter? Hand-pick what to show or hide with the visual moderation mode.

PRO Hashtag and Tagged Feeds

User-generated content

Create feeds of posts with certain hashtags (from all of Instagram) or posts where you are tagged. Both offer a powerful way to showcase user-generated content for social proof, hashtag campaigns, and more.

PRO Instagram Stories

Leverage your stories

Short video content is known to convert incredibly well. You already know that if you’re posting stories on Instagram. Enable them in Spotlight and have visitors watch your stories directly on your website.

PRO More Template Layouts

Subtle or bold, you choose

Additional template layouts that highlight your posts and your brand’s design. A more natural look with Masonry, some style with Carousel, and Highlight to really make your posts POP!

Frequently asked questions

Instagram is one of the most powerful ways to connect and engage with your audience, but your website is not to be neglected. Keeping up with and growing both your Instagram account and your website takes a lot of time, so Spotlight aims to help with that.

By adding an Instagram feed to your website you can keep it looking fresh while only creating content for one platform – Instagram.

Website visitors may also be finding you from other places, not just Instagram, so adding a “Follow” button alongside your eye-catching posts could help turn passers-by into lifelong supporters.

And let’s not forget that it’s a great form of social proof. Whether you run a blog or a small business, showing a website visitor that other people like them are engaging with you is a powerful message.

Aside from the plugin itself, all you need are a WordPress website and an Instagram account. Spotlight works with both Personal and Business Instagram accounts.

The plugin guides you to connect your account in just a few seconds. Once that’s done, the Instagram feed is ready to be placed anywhere on your site. It’s that simple.

To install Spotlight, open the “Plugins” page on your WordPress site, click on “Add New” and search for “Spotlight Social Photo Feeds”. Once it comes up, click on “Install Now” and then “Activate”.

Alternatively, download Spotlight from the WordPress plugin repository, open the “Plugins” page on your WordPress site, click on “Add New”, then use the “Upload” option to upload the zip file downloaded from

Once the plugin is activated, click on “Instagram Feeds” in your dashboard menu to get started.

Yes, Spotlight fully supports Instagram Business accounts.

Instagram’s API also provides more detail from your feed when you have a Business account, so it unlocks additional features in Spotlight PRO.

If you have a Personal account, we’ve set up a short guide to upgrading to a Business account for free through Instagram.

Yes, Spotlight PRO includes caption filtering, hashtag filtering, as well as a visual moderation mode with which you can filter what posts are shown in different feeds.

Yes, by using Spotlight PRO with an Instagram Business account you can bring in and display posts where your account is tagged from all across Instagram.

It’s a great way to show website visitors how others around the world are interacting with you or using your products.

Yes, by using Spotlight PRO with an Instagram Business account you can display posts that have any hashtag (or more than one hashtag) from all across Instagram.

Yes. We did our best to put together in-depth documentation for Spotlight. The articles are being updated on a daily basis so check back for new tips, tutorials, and ideas.

We're in it for the long haul

Spotlight is designed, developed, and supported by a dedicated team.

Our projects include WP Mayor, the trusted WordPress resource site that has been around for many years, and WP RSS Aggregator, the original and most popular RSS importer for WordPress, among others.

Spotlight has been a natural progression for us from RSS feed importing. Click below to learn more about the team and our journey into social media feeds for WordPress.

Got questions? We’re on standby.