The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging Spotlight for Black Friday Promotions

Unlock the power of Instagram this Black Friday with Spotlight. From boosting engagement through giveaways to driving sales with shoppable posts, our ultimate guide shows you how to make the most of this holiday season.
The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging Spotlight for Black Friday Promotions

Black Friday is a goldmine for businesses, both online and in-store. With consumers eagerly hunting for deals, it’s crucial to stand out.

Instagram, with its visual appeal and massive user base, is a key platform for Black Friday promotions. Merging it with your website can help boost engagement and memorability while increasing your sales across the board.

Spotlight can supercharge your Instagram strategy, making your promotions more effective and engaging.

Why Instagram matters on Black Friday

Instagram is a hub of activity during Black Friday, with millions of users searching for the best deals and recommendations. Being a visual and storytelling platform has its key benefits.

Here are three types of campaigns you can execute on Instagram to capitalize on this:


One of the most effective Instagram campaign strategies is hosting giveaways. They serve as excellent tools for boosting both your follower numbers and brand visibility.

The key lies in the conditions you set for entry. Encourage participants to follow your account, leave comments, and share your post in their stories.

For added engagement, you could prompt them to create and upload a post related to your brand or product, tagging your account in the process. This fosters a pool of user-generated content that you can leverage for future campaigns.

Flash sales

Leverage the fleeting nature of Instagram Stories to publicize time-sensitive deals. The 24-hour lifespan of a Story naturally instills a sense of urgency, compelling viewers to act quickly.

But don’t just stop at text announcements; make your Stories more captivating by incorporating multimedia elements. Use engaging videos to showcase your products in action, add animated GIFs for a touch of humor or excitement, and include background music that aligns with your brand’s tone.

These added layers of content not only make your Stories more appealing but also work to heighten the urgency, encouraging followers to take advantage of your flash sales before time runs out.

User-generated content campaigns

One of the most authentic ways to build brand credibility is through user-generated content (UGC). For your Black Friday promotions, encourage your customers to share their personal experiences with your products on Instagram.

Ask them to use a unique hashtag specific to your Black Friday campaign, making it easier for you to track and curate these posts.

The role of Spotlight in your Black Friday strategy


Spotlight is not just another Instagram plugin; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to amplify your Instagram efforts. With features like customizable feeds, analytics, and user-generated content (UGC) support, Spotlight can significantly enhance your Black Friday Instagram strategy.

It allows you to curate feeds that resonate with your target audience, analyze performance metrics, and even set up shoppable posts right from your WordPress dashboard.

Instead of leaving your Instagram efforts sitting in your feed; actively feature your participants, stories, and UGC on your website with Spotlight. Showcasing real customer experiences not only builds social proof but also creates a sense of community around your brand. It tells prospective customers that people love your products and are excited to share their experiences.

Additionally, the use of Black Friday-specific feeds can serve to heighten the excitement and sense of occasion on your website. It creates a buzz around your brand and products, making users more likely to engage with your campaign and, ultimately, make a purchase. This strategy effectively turns your Instagram efforts into a site-wide campaign, amplifying the reach and impact of your Black Friday promotions.

Setting up Spotlight for success

Getting started with Spotlight is straightforward. Install the plugin, connect your Instagram account, and you’re good to go. Here’s how:

  1. Install Spotlight: Download and activate the plugin from your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Connect Instagram: Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Instagram account.
  3. Customize: Use Spotlight’s intuitive interface to customize your feed’s appearance and content.

Spotlight features to leverage for Black Friday

Spotlight offers several features that can be particularly useful for Black Friday.

Let’s take a deeper look:

  1. Customizable Feeds: Spotlight allows you to curate your Instagram feed to match your Black Friday theme. You can filter posts by hashtags, mentions, or specific keywords. Furthermore, you can hand-pick which posts to show thanks to the powerful Moderation feature.
  2. Analytics and Insights: Understanding your audience’s behavior is crucial. Spotlight provides analytics that can help you refine your Black Friday strategy. Monitor metrics like engagement and click-through rate to make data-driven decisions.
  3. User-Generated Content (UGC): Spotlight makes it easy to display UGC on your website. This not only builds trust but also encourages more users to share their experiences.
  4. Shoppable Posts: One of Spotlight’s standout features is the ability to create shoppable Instagram posts. This is particularly useful for Black Friday, as it allows users to purchase directly from the Instagram feed embedded on your website.
Create a shoppable Instagram feed for your website with Spotlight this Black Friday


Black Friday is a critical period for businesses, and Instagram is an invaluable platform for promotions. Spotlight elevates your Instagram strategy, making it easier to engage with your audience, analyze performance, and ultimately drive more sales. From customizable feeds to shoppable posts, Spotlight offers a range of features designed to maximize your impact this Black Friday.

Ready to take your Black Friday Instagram promotions to the next level? Don’t miss out on Spotlight’s powerful features.

Click here to learn more or make a purchase, and make this Black Friday your most successful one yet!

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