5 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Your Online Store

Unlock the full potential of your WooCommerce website with our handpicked selection of the 5 best plugins. From seamlessly integrating Instagram content with Spotlight to enhancing your checkout process with Cartflows. Dive in to discover the perfect tools to transform your online store!
Best WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Your Online Store

WooCommerce is a highly regarded eCommerce platform that seamlessly integrates with WordPress, offering users a flexible and powerful solution to build and manage online stores. As the backbone for countless online businesses, WooCommerce provides extensive features and customization options to cater to diverse eCommerce needs. 

However, to truly unlock the potential of your WooCommerce website and enhance its functionality, leveraging the right plugins is essential. These plugins can significantly boost your site’s performance, improve customer experience, and increase sales. 

In this article, we’ll explore the five best plugins designed to elevate your WooCommerce website, covering everything from enhancing product displays to optimizing checkout processes. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your existing setup, these top picks will help you create a more efficient, user-friendly, and successful online store.

Best WooCommerce plugins

The plugins listed below will cover the essential aspects of any WooCommerce website, such as marketing, funneling, fulfillment, and analytics.

These plugins all come in a “freemium” model, meaning they have a free version (with limited features) and premium plans with more advanced features.

Before deciding which plugins to invest in it’s important to analyze your site needs, goals, and budget.

That being said, let’s dive in.

Spotlight Social Media Feeds

Spotlight website homepage.
  • Pricing: Premium plans start at $49/year
  • Key features: Shoppable feeds, seamless Instagram integration, extensive customization options
  • Best for: Integrating Instagram content into your eCommerce website

Social media platforms like Instagram are great tools to boost your business’s reach. So, why not combine their strengths with your eCommerce website?

Spotlight can help you achieve this with its seamless integration and wide range of customization and eCommerce features.

Eliminating the need to manually upload Instagram posts to your web pages, Spotlight will automatically update your content, including stories and reels. Its advanced filtering and moderation feature also lets you fine-tune your feeds by curating which posts you want to include.

Spotlight also offers the Shoppable feed feature that links your Instagram content directly to your WooCommerce product pages. This simplifies the shopping experience, allowing visitors to find products more easily and reducing the number of clicks needed to complete a purchase.

The Shop tab for Spotlight.

Enhance your site’s aesthetic by selecting the perfect template and layout for your Instagram feed. With a variety of design options such as the classic tile, montage, or slideshow, you can add visual flair to your feed while maintaining its overall design language.

Spotlight is available for free and will give you all the essential features to integrate Instagram feeds into your WooCommerce site. For access to advanced functionalities like the shoppable feed and moderation tools, the Pro plan is ideal.


The homepage of CartFlows' website.
  • Pricing: Premium plans start at $99/year
  • Key features: Pre-built checkout templates, conversion insights, cart abandonment recovery
  • Best for: Creating a modern and intuitive checkout page

CartFlows is a dynamic WordPress plugin designed to enhance the WooCommerce checkout experience through the implementation of strategic funnels and other optimization tactics. However, its utility extends to traditional eCommerce storefronts as well, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of online businesses.

CartFlows lets users craft custom sales funnels using their preferred visual page builders. Some of its core features include one-click upsells and downsells, one-click order bumps, A/B testing for performance comparison, cart abandonment recovery, and lead generation forms. 

These functionalities are designed to not only streamline the buying process but also to boost conversion rates and enhance the overall user experience. While CartFlows offers a robust free version, businesses seeking to unlock its full potential can opt for premium versions starting at $99/year.

WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency

The plugin banner for WooCommerce Multilingual and Multicurrency.
  • Pricing: Free plugin. Multilingual features require WPML starting at €99/year
  • Key features: Create a multilingual store, add multiple currencies support
  • Best for: Building a multilingual and multicurrency eCommerce site 

The WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency plugin is your key to global market expansion. It’s designed to equip your WooCommerce store with everything necessary for international sales. This tool simplifies the management of products in various currencies, catering to stores and teams of any size.

The plugin boasts several key features to streamline your international sales. It allows for the display of multiple currencies based on the customer’s location and includes currency switchers on your site for easy access. You can customize how currencies appear, set your exchange rates manually, or link to an automatic exchange rate service. 

Moreover, it enables setting custom prices and shipping rates in your secondary currencies, ensuring a tailored shopping experience for international customers.

Enhancing your store’s global appeal doesn’t stop there. By combining WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency with WPML, you also unlock the ability to translate your entire store. Keep in mind that you require the WPML Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Agency account type to get all multilingual features.

Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

The plugin banner for Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce.
  • Pricing: Premium plans start at $129/year
  • Key features: Tracking info widget, add tracking information to orders, 300+ shipping providers
  • Best for: Improving shipping and tracking processes

Advanced Shipment Tracking (AST) for WooCommerce enhances your store’s shipping process by making order fulfillment more efficient, reducing customer inquiries, and increasing overall satisfaction. 

AST transforms how you manage orders by allowing you to change the “Completed” order status label to “Shipped” and introducing a “Partially Shipped” status for orders sent in multiple packages or at different times.

This plugin also helps you inform customers by sending them their shipping details through a customizable, mobile-friendly tracking widget. This widget appears in order confirmation emails and on the customer’s Order Page within their account, providing an easy way for them to track their shipments.

Adding tracking information to orders is straightforward with AST, whether you’re editing an existing order or managing your orders list. Choose from over 400 shipping providers, including USPS, FedEx, and DHL Express. The plugin also ensures your customers can accurately track their packages on the provider’s website, enhancing their post-purchase experience.

AST is available for free, but a Pro version is available starting at $129/year. This version includes even more features to streamline your fulfillment process and delight your customers.

Conversios – Google Analytics 4 Plugin for WooCommerce

The plugin banner for Conversios.
  • Pricing: Premium plans start at $99/year
  • Key features: Easy setup process, Google Analytics 4 eCommerce tracking, ads tracking for various platforms
  • Best for: Tracking eCommerce and ads performances

Conversios is an innovative WooCommerce plugin designed to enhance your digital marketing and analytics. By integrating Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and various advertising channel pixels via Google Tag Manager, Conversios offers a comprehensive approach to advanced product feed management. 

It supports a range of advertising pixels, including Meta Pixel, Google Ads, and TikTok Pixel, enabling targeted audience reach and effective campaign monitoring. The user-friendly interface of Google Tag Manager, focusing on GA4, Meta Pixel, and Google Tag Manager functionalities, allows you to utilize the features with little to no coding experience.

Moreover, Conversios features a Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce, crucial for keeping product feeds up-to-date across Google Merchant Center, Facebook Catalog, and TikTok Catalog. This function supports automated updates and advanced product catalog management, enhancing ad visibility and effectiveness.

Conversios also delivers comprehensive eCommerce reporting and AI-generated insights. This feature offers vital KPIs and analytics, helping you understand audience trends and make better sales decisions.

Conversios is a free plugin with premium versions available starting at $99/year, providing a scalable solution for businesses aiming to track their WooCommece performance.


While WooCommerce is a powerful online store platform, these plugins will elevate its capability and give you more ways to improve your business. In this article, we’ve looked at the five best WooCommerce plugins, namely:

  • Spotlight: Great for embedding Instagram content into your website.
  • Cartflows: A powerful plugin to improve the checkout experience.
  • WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency: Good for building a multilingual and multicurrency eCommerce site.
  • AST: Best for improving shipping and tracking processes.
  • Conversios: Improve your tracking and analytics tasks.

Remember to align these plugins with your specific business goals and customer needs. Doing so will ensure that you’re not just adding features for the sake of it but are genuinely enhancing the shopping experience on your site.

So, take the time to explore these options and see how they can work together to help you achieve your eCommerce aspirations.

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Article by

Prasasti Agung

Pras is a professional content writer who loves learning new things. With his experience in digital marketing and WordPress, he aims to create more informative articles and share his knowledge with wider audiences.

Article by

Picture of Prasasti Agung

Prasasti Agung

Pras is a professional content writer who loves learning new things. With his experience in digital marketing and WordPress, he aims to create more informative articles and share his knowledge with wider audiences.
Picture of Prasasti Agung

Prasasti Agung

Pras is a professional content writer who loves learning new things. With his experience in digital marketing and WordPress, he aims to create more informative articles and share his knowledge with wider audiences.
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