Mustard Seed and Spotlight: An Agency’s Ideal Social Media Plugin

Agencies are always looking for ways to make client projects stand out, whether it's the "Coming Soon" page, the homepage, or a social page. Here's Geoff McKay from Mustard Seed eCommerce, Inc. in Ontario, Canada on why he chooses to work with Spotlight.
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Web development agencies of all shapes and sizes are always on the look-out for new ways to make their projects stand out. Using the best tools for the job is critical so as to save time and money while delivering top-quality and reliable solutions to your clients.

We sat down to speak with Geoff McKay, Vice-President and Co-Founder of Mustard Seed eCommerce, Inc, a web development agency in Ontario, Canada that has been around since 1998. Geoff shared his story on how are using Instagram feeds on their client’s WordPress sites and why they chose Spotlight for the job.

Q: Tell us a bit about how you found Spotlight.

We have been using Spotlight Instagram Feeds PRO on client websites since July 2020. Greg, a Real Estate Broker, asked us to design some of his WordPress websites.

We needed to add a social media feed to one of Greg’s websites and came across Spotlight in our search. We could immediately see that it was a great choice and I’m glad to say that it exceeded our expectations.

Spotlight PRO allowed us to quickly and easily integrate Instagram feeds into many of our client’s WordPress websites. It’s a simple and quick way to enhance client sites with their existing Instagram feeds.

Spotlight PRO is an excellent WordPress Plugin. We strongly recommend Spotlight to anyone looking to connect and display Instagram content on a WordPress website.

Q: What problem did Spotlight help you solve?

We were looking for a technology solution to seamlessly integrate Instagram social media posts into WordPress websites. We found Spotlight and we liked the fact we could quickly and easily connect client Instagram feeds to their website in just a few clicks.

By using Spotlight, we are immediately able to embed dynamic and fresh content into client websites based on their existing Instagram posts. Photos, videos and stories posted on Instagram are immediately integrated and displayed as dynamic content on their websites.

Q: What made you choose Spotlight over other solutions?

When we were researching potential Instagram feed solutions, we began comparing features and prices. We were looking for a solution that was fast, mobile responsive, easy to connect, and looked great.

We chose Spotlight because it had all the features we were looking for and it was the ideal solution to incorporate into our WordPress website projects.

We were particularly happy with the ability to filter and display Instagram content based on either account feeds or hashtag feeds.

Spotlight installs easily and each feed can be customized quickly. There are various layouts to choose from, and we can display customized content using shortcodes, widgets or blocks.

A sidebar Instagram feed on one of Geoff's client sites featuring an Instagram feed powered by Spotlight's Grid layout with a single column.

Q: How has Spotlight benefitted you and your clients?

Many clients rely on social media to promote their brand and their business. They create and share content on Instagram on a regular basis.

However, their websites may be more static in nature. Website content is updated less frequently than social media, and great looking websites can become “stale” looking over time.

By integrating their Instagram feed into their WordPress website, they automatically get fresh, dynamic content (that they are already creating via Instagram) displayed directly on their website.

As they post to Instagram, the content flows through to their website automatically. Website visitors see the photos, videos and stories from their Instagram feed and they engage via the website.

It even attracts new Instagram followers for them by showcasing their Instagram content to new website visitors.

We can install the Spotlight PRO plugin on a client website and have it connected to their Instagram feed and displaying Instagram posts in less than 5 minutes!

Geoff setting up one of his clients' Instagram feeds using Spotlight PRO

In addition to that, when is building a new WordPress website for a client, we often use a “Coming Soon” landing page announcing the new website will be launching very soon.

Spotlight has become our go-to feature to incorporate in our Coming Soon layout pages. Even before the website launches, the landing page showcases the client’s Instagram feed and starts attracting Instagram followers for their account immediately.

The client is happy to see engagement with their existing and new audiences even before their new website is launched!

A "Coming Soon" landing page featuring a Spotlight PRO powered Instagram feed.

Q: How do you rate Spotlight's support?

Support for the Spotlight PRO plugin has always been excellent. We have reached out to Spotlight on several occasions and they have always responded quickly to address any issues we have experienced.

In particular, after one of the Spotlight plugin updates, we encountered an issue that needed to be resolved quickly. Fortunately, Mark Zahra (Spotlight founder) was able to immediately discover the cause of the problem and the team released a new version of the plugin with the fix within hours.

We would give Spotlight, and their entire team, 5 out of 5 stars!

Q: What would you say to someone considering Spotlight for their, or their client's next project?

Spotlight PRO is a great plugin backed by an amazing team. If you develop WordPress websites and you want to integrate Instagram feeds, choose Spotlight.

Your website will look great and you will be promoting your Instagram account at the same time. The Spotlight Instagram Feeds WordPress plugin is an important asset to incorporate into your next WordPress project.

Thank you to Geoff for taking the time to sit down with us for this short interview and share his experience with Spotlight.

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