Does Instagram Work with WordPress? A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to seamlessly integrate Instagram with your WordPress site. Discover the limitations of using the native Gutenberg Instagram block for single posts and why plugins like Spotlight offer a more flexible and dynamic approach for both individual posts and entire feeds.
Does Instagram work with WordPress

Instagram has become an indispensable tool for businesses and individuals alike, offering a platform to showcase products, build brand awareness, and engage with audiences. But what if you could extend this engagement to your WordPress website?

The good news is, you can!

Yes, Instagram can work with WordPress through various methods such as manual embedding and plugins like Spotlight.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the various ways you can integrate Instagram with WordPress, delve into the benefits, and explain why Spotlight is your go-to solution for displaying Instagram feeds seamlessly on your website.

Let’s get started.

Does Instagram work with WordPress? Yes!

Why you should display Instagram content on your website

Integrating Instagram content into your WordPress site does more than just boost your online visibility; it also opens up new avenues for potential conversions.

Below are a few of the many advantages of displaying Instagram content on your website:

1. Amplify your online presence

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for any business or individual. By integrating Instagram with WordPress, you’re essentially doubling your digital footprint. Your Instagram posts get a new lease on life on your website, and your website content can be enriched and made more dynamic with your Instagram feed. This synergy amplifies your online presence, making you more discoverable to a broader audience.

2. Unlock new avenues for conversions

When you bring Instagram into your WordPress site, you’re not just sharing pictures; you’re creating multiple touchpoints for potential customers to engage with your brand. Whether it’s through navigating through to your Instagram profile, clicking on a product link, or even sharing your content, each interaction is a step towards conversion. This dual-platform approach opens up new avenues for customer engagement and potential revenue streams.

3. Streamline your content strategy

Managing content across multiple platforms can be a daunting task. However, integrating Instagram with WordPress streamlines your content strategy. You can easily repurpose Instagram content for your website, saving you time and effort. This unified approach ensures brand consistency and makes content management more efficient.

4. Enhance user experience

Today’s consumers expect seamless experiences across all digital touchpoints. By integrating Instagram with WordPress, you provide an effortless way for your audience to engage with your content, regardless of the platform they are on. This seamless integration enhances user experience, which is a key factor in building long-term relationships with your audience.

5. Foster community building

Instagram is a platform that thrives on community engagement. When you integrate it with your WordPress site, you’re inviting your website visitors to become part of your Instagram community and vice versa. This cross-pollination of audiences can help foster a more engaged and loyal community around your brand.

6. Stay ahead of the curve

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of the curve is essential for survival. Integration of platforms like Instagram and WordPress is becoming increasingly common, and consumers are beginning to expect these kinds of seamless experiences. By adopting this strategy now, you position yourself as a forward-thinking brand, ready to meet the demands of the modern consumer.

How to add Instagram to WordPress: A step-by-step guide

Using the Gutenberg block for single posts

The Gutenberg block in WordPress is a convenient tool for embedding individual Instagram posts into your web pages. However, it’s important to understand that this method is limited to embedding one post at a time and offers no customization options.

To manually embed Instagram photos, you can simply copy the embed code of the Instagram post or video and paste it into your WordPress editor. The post will automatically appear.

Copy the embed code

Using a plugin for single posts and entire feeds

For those of you who are looking for more flexibility and control, plugins are the optimal choice. Unlike the native Gutenberg block, which is restricted to single posts, most Instagram feed plugins allow you to embed both individual Instagram posts and entire feeds into your WordPress site. They offer extensive customization features, making them especially valuable for businesses and bloggers that focus on visual content.

With a plugin, you can curate multiple feeds, style them to match your brand, and even add interactive elements to engage your audience more dynamically.

Spotlight: The ultimate Instagram plugin for WordPress


When it comes to choosing the best plugin for your website, Spotlight stands out for several reasons:

  1. Ease of Use: Spotlight is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy to set up and manage your Instagram feeds.
  2. Customization: With Spotlight, you can customize your feed’s layout and design to match your theme or brand.
  3. Filtering: Spotlight offers manual moderation as well as hashtag and caption filtering, making it very easy for you to choose which posts you want to show on your website.
  4. Performance: Spotlight is optimized for speed, ensuring that your website’s performance is not compromised.
  5. Dedicated block: Spotlight comes with its very own Instagram block, making it easy to embed your feed anywhere on your website.

To embed an entire Instagram feed, simply follow our easy 4-step guide:


Getting Instagram to work with WordPress is not just possible; it’s also beneficial for enhancing brand exposure, engaging with your audience, and building trust. While there are various methods to achieve this, using a dedicated plugin like Spotlight offers your business the most features, customization options, control, and ease of use.

Try Spotlight to bridge the gap between your Instagram content and your website to drive conversions and get your audience engaged.

Can Spotlight help you and your team revamp your website? We'd love to help you find out. Why not give Spotlight a try?

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