How To Display an Instagram Feed in a WordPress Footer

Display an Instagram Feed in a WordPress Footer

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Visual content is a great asset to have online. With Instagram’s popularity increasing yearly, it is no wonder that Instagram feeds have been popping up on websites all around.

Focusing your efforts on this particular social media channel is a good marketing strategy to take on. It not only helps you connect with your existing clients and followers, but it can also bring in new visitors, growing your online community.

In this article, I’ll take you through the main steps to display an Instagram feed in a WordPress footer using a widget.

What you will need

To start off, you will need an Instagram account. Your account may be a Personal or Business one – both will work for this tutorial.

Next, you will need to use a plugin to display your feed on your WordPress website. Spotlight is an easy-to-use plugin that is great for beginners and tech-savvy users alike. It requires absolutely no code and can get your feed running in minutes.

This plugin comes in 2 options: Free and PRO. While the free version comes with loads of customization options, the PRO version opens up features including filtering and moderation, the ability to display hashtag and tagged posts, and the possibility of showcasing Instagram stories, among others.

For this tutorial, I will be using the PRO version of the plugin, but you can follow along with the free version also.

Connect your account

Once you’ve got Spotlight installed and activated on your WordPress website, start off by connecting your account. Choose between a Personal or Business account and authorize Spotlight to access your posts.

Connect your Instagram account

Note: If you are connecting a Business account, Spotlight will also need to access your respective Facebook page.

In a matter of seconds, your feed will show up in Spotlight’s live preview editor.

Design your feed

Spotlight comes with over 40 customization options. In this tutorial, we’ll be displaying an Instagram feed in a WordPress footer. Due to the horizontal nature of most footers, I’m going to opt for a simple 3 column grid feed. Of course, feel free to play around with all the design options available.

I’ve set the following design options for my feed in the Design tab:

  • Grid layout
  • 3 posts
  • 3 columns
  • 0px outside padding
  • 0px image padding
  • Hide header
  • Hide Follow and Load More button

Once you’re happy with the look of your feed, click on the tablet icon on the top right-hand side of the Design tab. The live preview customizer will change to mimic a tablet screen.

Customize the way your Instagram feed will look on tablets

I’ve changed the following design options for tablet devices:

  • 2 posts
  • 2 columns

Next, click on the phone icon.

Customize the way your Instagram feed will look on mobiles

In this case, due to the width of most mobile devices, I’m going to change the design settings once more as follows:

  • 3 posts
  • 1 column

Remember to name your feed using a memorable name. It will come in handy in the next few steps.

Filter and moderate your feed (PRO)

If you’re using the free version of the plugin, skip ahead to the next section.

Move on to the Filter tab and here you will be able to filter your feed by showing or hiding posts with a specific word or phrase in their caption. Alternatively, you can choose to show or hide posts with a specific hashtag.

In this case, I’ve chosen to show on client work. I’ve used the word “client” in the post captions showcasing our work.

Filter your Instagram feed

This automatically removes photos of the team working at the office.

Alternatively, the same feed can be achieved through visual moderation. Go to the Moderate tab. Here you can manually select which posts you want to show or hide in the feed. In this case, I’ve selected the 3 posts I want to show.

Display an Instagram feed in a WordPress footer

Now, we need to embed the Instagram feed into our footer using the dedicated widget. Go to Appearance > Customize and select Widgets from the list.

Select the area you want to apply the widget to. In this case, I’ve got three Footer widget areas to choose from. I opted for Footer 3. Next, start typing Spotlight Instagram Feed and the dedicated widget will show up. Add it to the section using the + button.

Select your feed from the dropdown menu, click on Done, and publish your changes.

Publish your changes

Your Instagram feed should now be showing in your WordPress footer. When switching to different devices, the feed will adapt to the settings we had set up in design stage.

Display Instagram feed in a WordPress footer
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