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Joe from WP Buffs

Joe from WP Buffs

WP Buffs is a 24/7 WordPress website management and support service. They use Spotlight to highlight their remote team’s lives, giving customers an inside look at the people entrusted with their websites.

Loving this plugin! Super easy to set up and hook into our Instagram account. Has lots of click-to-implement templates to use too, so setting up the whole thing took ~3 minutes. The Pro plugin has been the perfect way to give folks insider access to our remote team. Building trust with customers and partners means a lot to us and this allows those people to see exactly who’s working on their websites.

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Tobias Reddstone

Tobias from Amadeiro

Amadeiro Urban Living is a website dedicated to a construction project by Boelens de Gruyter in Hertogenbosch, in the Netherlands. Tobias uses the project’s Instagram feed as a creative way to share the latest news about the project.

The imagery grabs the visitors’ attention while the captions explain the latest happenings. Aside from that, the accessible “Follow” button is a great way to gain new followers as visitors get interested in the project.

Spotlight is simply the best Instagram feed plugin. I had a styling question and the support was perfect! Finally a plugin that meets all my wishes. I recommend the Spotlight plugin to everyone! Search no further!

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Andrew from Mirror Friendly

Mirror Friendly is a health and fitness blog run by Andrew, a sprinter-turned-bodybuilder. His Instagram feed is the perfect way to showcase how his personal nutrition and training plans help both him and his clients to get fit and live healthier lives.

Straightforward and neat plugin which perfectly fits the sidebar of my website. It is very useful in leading new traffic from my website onto the Instagram platform.

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