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Shoppable Instagram Feeds

Embed shoppable Instagram feeds on your eCommerce site to increase conversions.

Integrated directly with your favourite tools

Drive more traffic to WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads products,
and design the feed directly in WordPressElementor, and more!


Shoppable Instagram Feeds for WordPress

Convert a simple gallery into your new sales funnel

Create content for Instagram only and have it automatically update your website’s photo, video, and IGTV galleries

Add a personal touch to your galleries and increase engagement across your website

Build credibility and add instant social proof through user-generated content

Monetise your galleries to increase conversions, average cart value, and customer lifetime value

Save time with automated linking and user-generated content

Employ automations and put UGC to work

Capitalise on Hashtag Automations to make your Instagram posts work for you

Linking to your products manually is time-consuming. That’s why we introduced Hashtag Automations.

Step 1: Create a hashtag for a product to use on Instagram.

Step 2: Use the hashtag in your Instagram post captions and ask your customers to do the same when showing your products.

Step 3: Create a Hashtag Automation in Spotlight PRO. Every post with your hashtag is automatically linked to the selected product or page and added to your Instagram gallery.

Embrace your customers and share their story with User-Generated Content (UGC)

Your customers love your products and post photos of themselves using or wearing their favourite ones every day.

That’s UGC: User-Generated Content.

Step 1: Find influencers or loyal customers to guarantee beautiful photos and to have full permission to use them on your website. Ask them to tag your account, then use Spotlight PRO’s “Tagged Post Feeds” to show them all together.

Step 2: Use Spotlight PRO’s “Moderation” to hand-pick the posts that make your product pop!

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I opted for the Pro features because I wanted the integrated functionality — the ability to use hashtags as a source for image selection, and linking to posts from the images on our website. These two features alone bring us more traffic to the pages we want to bring attention to, especially for products we sell. Being able to link images to any page (on or off-site) is very useful. I hesitated paying for an upgrade but in this case it pays for itself.

Spotlight Instagram Feeds

Vicky and Zac

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