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Instagram Hashtag Feeds

An Instagram hashtag feed is a powerful way to increase engagement with
your Instagram followers and generate tons of social proof in no time at all.

Your new Instagram marketing channel

Unleash the true potential of hashtag campaigns

User-generated content (UGC)

Instagram allows you to display the most recent or most popular posts from across the platform that uses a particular hashtag in their caption or comments.

Sharing content from your followers where they use your hashtag is a simple and effective way of showcasing their love for you, your brand, or your products.

Combine hashtag feeds with tagged post feeds to further strengthen the feeling of social proof.

As simple as typing in your hashtag

Simply type in the hashtags you want to feature posts from, choose whether you want to show the most recent (from the past 24 hours) or the most popular posts (top 50), and Spotlight will create a beautiful gallery within seconds!

A powerful marketing channel

Marketing done right. A hashtag campaign can work wonders for your business, whether you’re a small creator or a major brand like Tecnam and KFC.

It’s time to unleash the potential in your Instagram channels and take a page out of Tecnam’s books. Their #tecnam campaign has generated over 44,000 Instagram posts from pilots all around the world. Now it’s your turn.

Advanced analytics

Get detailed insights into how your Instagram feeds are performing, helping you make well-informed adjustments to grow your website and your Instagram.

Build your amazing hashtag feeds in minutes

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Instagram Feeds Lookbook
Instagram Feeds Lookbook

Get inspired by nine of the best use cases of Instagram feeds from real Spotlight users.