Get to know Spotlight Instagram Feeds

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Connect your account in seconds


Personal accounts

Connect any Instagram personal account in just 3 clicks to start sharing your photos, galleries, and videos, with your site visitors.


Business accounts

Display hashtag feeds, tagged posts, stories, and more by connecting an Instagram Business account. Don’t have one? Set it up for free.

Live preview customizer

Design made simple

The live preview customizer is a great way to see exactly how each and every change you make will impact your feed before you place it anywhere on your site. 

No more back and forth between screens to preview your changes, just design them and watch the preview change on the fly.


Customization options

Customize the look and feel of your feed in seconds. The sidebar lists over 40 customization options – everything from the size of your feed to the color of your buttons. The defaults look good, but you can tweak it to match your brand.


Live preview

Your feed is always in full view thanks to Spotlight’s live preview. Every change you make is instantly reflected in the display.

This way, you can see exactly what you’ll get with the shortcode or block on your page or post. No more back and forth.


‘Follow’ and ‘Load more’ buttons

Add a “Follow” button to your feed to turn website visitors into Instagram followers. If you want to entice them with more than just a few Instagram posts, use the “Load more” button so they can keep browsing your feed without ever leaving your website.


Reponsiveness Options

Control almost every aspect of your feed on all devices. Switch between desktop, tablet, and phone views in the editor to set up your feed for every device.

There’s no more guessing, you can see exactly how your feed will look wherever it will be viewed.

different layouts and styles

Get creative with your feeds



A stylish grid layout that looks great on any sidebar, footer, or page. Style it to match your brand and let your posts do the talking. An oldie but a goodie.



Get creative with photos and videos of different sizes. Display every post in its full glory and create a stunning gallery with minimal effort.



Make your feed pop and let your creative juices flow. Design feeds that will showcase your posts in a way that will surely grab your visitors’ attention.


More coming soon…

We’re working on more layouts to display your photos and videos in creative ways.

Filtering & moderation

Hand-pick the best photos and videos


Caption filtering

Set up keyword and phrase filters to only show the posts that you want. Add as many filters as you want and rule out any unwanted posts, vulgar captions, and more.


Hashtag filtering

A great way to showcase a hashtag campaign or to just feature posts that use a specific hashtag (or more than one). Likewise, hide posts with unwanted hashtags.


Global filtering

Aside from the feed-level filters, set up global filters that can be applied to all feeds on your site. They act the same way as feed filters and can be turned on or off per feed.


Visual moderation

Get picky. Hand-select the photos and videos that you want to show or hide in any feed. Choose the moderation option and just click on the posts you want (or don’t want).


Promote Your articles, products & more

Drive conversions through your Instagram feeds


Take readers to blog posts

Uploading Instagram photos for every blog post you publish on your site? Set up a replica Instagram feed on your website that has each photo link directly to its blog post, then add a “Link in bio” to Instagram.


Drive traffic to your pages

Sharing photos of your client work on Instagram? Have your website’s Instagram feed link to the service, portfolio, case study, or testimonial in each photo to drive conversions through social proof.


Boost e-commerce sales

Create a “Shop Instagram” page or add a hashtag (or tagged post) feed to your WooCommerce site to feature clients using or wearing your products. Link each post to the product to boost your sales.


Do your own thing

Get creative. Link your Instagram feed to your Youtube videos, add affiliate links for products you promote on Instagram, redirect visitors to your other websites. The choice is yours.

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